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  1. Stephen

    Very much enjoy your blog. It inspired me to start my own- thebluebag.com.au

    Blogs are less popular for NSW barristers…not sure why.

    Your About Me link is not working.

    Anyway all the best.

    nick hogan

  2. Excellent website and very useful.

    This is a question rather than a comment. Do you know the authority for the proposition that a lawyer cannot exclude or cap liability for negligence in his terms of engagement?

    If a lawyer can cap or exclude liability under contract, why can he not seek to exclude or cap liability in tort?


    Malcolm Sandman

    1. See, for Victoria at least, s. 7.2.11 of the Legal Profession Act, 2004, which is to be read subject to the Professional Standards Act, 2003, an Act this blog has strangely never treated. For the position at common law, see Astley v Austrust (1999) 197 CLR 1.

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