Litigation funding in the news

An article in The Age examines the financial viability of John Walker’s publicly listed litigation funder, IMF. Its share price has varied from 40c to $1.90 in recent times. It is funding 60 cases with a maximum claim value of $1 billion. Walker employs a “17-member team, which includes a clutch of lawyers, debt collectors and former investigators from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the fraud squad.”
An article in Lawyers’ Weekly provides a happily brief overview more or less accessible to the lay reader.
The High Court recently gave the thumbs up to litigation funding recently in Campbells Cash and Carry Pty Limited v Fostif Pty Limited [2006] HCA 41.

The transcript and audio for ABC Radio National’s Law Report on the decision begins with the aphorism “Justice is open to all, just like the Ritz Hotel”.

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