Melbourne lawyers blogging

There are a few out there. Most prominent is Peter Faris QC, one of the irrascible characters of the Victorian Bar about whom I have posted before. He rails against Islamic fundamentalism and what he perceives as the West’s wimpish response, and puts up hoops for civil liberties loving folk like me to jump their arguments through. Technology law blogs traditionally dominated the Australian legal blogosphere by number, early adoptiveness, and quality. Weatherall’s Law (now see Law Font), Barry Eager’s Bazpat, and the indefatiguable Peter Black’s Freedom to Differ, are just some examples. Melbourne barrister Warwick Rothnie is the Melbourne member of that class. He writes IPWar. In other stuff, Liz Harris, a costs lawyer, writes Allocatur. Then there’s the eclectic anonymous Melbourne mother, academic, artist, PhD student, and lawyer who writes The Legal Soapbox. Finally, there’s Peter A. Clarke, of the Melbourne Bar. Over in Cambridge, is a one-time Melbourne boy writing Courting Disaster. I’m sure there are more. Who are they? (I’m talking about Melbourne lawyers blogging at least in part about legal issues.)

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