Australian law blogs go mainstream

Update, 18 October 2007: What’s more, major law firms are beginning to Vodcast. That’s kind of like grown-up YouTube. Take this example, where 2 Clayton Utz partners emphasise the importance for successful litigation of keeping the originals of documents.

The Sunday Age has an article on law blogs, hot on the heels of a Lawyers’ Weekly feature on some Freehills lawyers who are blogging with the blessing of the powers that be. I can’t find the latter online and so can’t link to it.

I suspect the proposition that ‘Many specialist lawyers and academics are blogging on pet topics such as intellectual property.’ might overtstate things a bit. But apparently ‘lawyers and judges’ (aren’t judges lawyers?) are the fourth biggest group of bloggers and of blog readers:

‘While the US Blawg site is now tracking 1773 blawgs across the US, exact Australian blawg numbers are impossible to find among the estimated 70 million blogs in cyberspace. A survey by US advertising firm found that legal professionals were the fourth-largest group of bloggers, behind people working in education, computer software and media. Lawyers and judges were the fourth-biggest group of blog readers, behind computer professionals, students and retirees.’

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  1. I think web 2.0 is particularly powerful when firms want to lure graduates.

    Create a blog about life in the firm. Maybe a facebook/myspace profile. Add some friends. And get ready for a lot of applications.

    Sure beats spending thousands on career fairs and showbags.

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