More on unrepresented litigants

About a week ago, I posted about Mr Milan Tomasevic and how Justice Bell thought the judge below had not been solicitous enough to him. A reader of this blog has filled me in on Mr Tomasevic’s form. One of his early cases, Zegarac  v  Tomasevic  [2003] VSC 150, was a Part IX adjustment of property rights claim by his former defacto spouse Slavica Zegarac, and is a good example of the challenges presented by two litigants in person.  Subsequently, Slavica Zegarac has got a taste for the game by suing her solicitor: see Zegarac v PD [2005] VSC 264, and then resisting the solicitor’s suit for her bankruptcy, all the way to the High Court: Zegarac v PD [2007] HCATrans 526 where her special leave application was over in less than 2 minutes.

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