Magistrate: ‘You fucked up big time’

Update, 2 June 2008: When I was writing the original post, I badly wanted to link to this classic motion to dismiss a criminal charge against a kid who called his principal ‘a fucker, a fag, and a fucking fag’, but it seems it was one thing I did not take with me when I left my work computer behind.  Then two friends came to the rescue. A scan of the actual document may be found here.

Original post: A Victorian Magistrate told a convicted robber ‘You fucked up big time‘ before putting him away for almost four, with a minimum of two. He said he was unaware of the presence in the Court of the schoolgirls who dobbed him in to the Chief Magistrate. Today, ‘terrorist’ and ‘unAustralian’ carry more punch than the rather sweet ‘fuck‘. There is in truth only one word, the c-word, which does not fit in polite speech. And even that does not carry the same sting as the word a Swede whispered conspiratorially into my ear once, afraid even to say it out loud. That is also a four letter F word, and refers to the same bits and bobs as our c-word. I can’t bring myself to tell you what it is lest I breach some obscenity law in Sweden.

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  1. I got charged with telling a train ticket inspector to "get a real fucking job" following his intial "you fuck' mouthed at me. It's going to be an interesting explanation at the Board of Examiners in a couple of months. I'll use the information to support my behaviour!

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