Lord Bingham and Afua Hirsch

The rather beautiful English blogger, Afua Hirsch, at once a barrister and a Guardian correspondent, has posted a beautifully written obituary to Lord Bingham, pictured.  It is definitely a blog post, rather than something more formal belonging to the print version of a newspaper, and it is a fine example of its form, like much to be found in The Guardian, all the way down to Zia Mahmood’s bridge column. I commend it to you. Apologies to The Guardian for the theft of David Levene’s photograph.

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  1. I found Lord Bingham's collection of articles "The Business of Judging" the most compelling legal reading I have encountered in the last 10 years. And it is clear from the author's name being given as "Tom Bingham" on the dustjacket that this was no affectation but characteristic of the man.

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