Adrian Evans’s new lawyers’ ethics book

Monash University’s prolific Professor Adrian Evans has put out a new book on lawyers’ ethics, published by Cambridge University Press.  In the process of looking it up, I noticed that Adrian is the Co-Chair of the International Bar Association’s Professional Ethics Committee, which sounds like a good gig.  Here’s the blurb (sounds interesting):

‘Legal practitioners operate in an environment of seemingly endless ethical challenges, and against a backdrop of diminishing public opinion about their morality. Based on extensive research, Assessing Lawyers’ Ethics argues that lawyers’ individual ethics can be assessed and measured in realistic frameworks. When this assessment takes place, legal practitioners are more likely to demonstrate better ethical behaviour as a result of their increased awareness of their own choices. This book advocates a variety of peer-administered testing mechanisms that have the potential to reverse damaging behaviours within the legal profession. It provides prototype techniques, questions and assessments that can be modified to suit different legal cultures. These will help the profession regain the initiative in ethical business practice, halt the decline in firms’ reputations and reduce the risk of state-sponsored regulatory intervention.’

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