Pastor-solicitor-property developer profiled in the Sunday Age

The latest lawyer profile in a weekend zine is the Sunday Age‘s portrait of a fundamentalist preacher cum solicitor cum property developer’s stoush with some parishoners who say he allowed them to have a part of a property investment which would yield profits over the one year of the investment of 25% to 45%, only for it to go bad in ways they’re not entirely sanguine about. He used to be a Melbourne solicitor, and is a graduate of the school of Henry Kaye. Notwithstanding his status as a man of the cloth, the portrait is not quite as hagiographical as some of the other portraits mentioned in this earlier post identifying the mainstream media lawyer profile phenomenon, and therefore makes it all the more worth the read. For example, I like the way the pastor-solicitor-property developer’s wife Lorilea is said by the Sunday Age to have suggested the parishoner-investor rid himself of his undue focus on things material and stop fighting ‘tooth and nail for those things that rust and moth doth corrupt.’ I just love that use of ‘moth’ with ‘doth’, though credit must go to Matthew at chapter 6 verse 20.

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