Western Suburbs Law Association

Last night, I gave a talk to the Western Suburbs Law Association about how to respond to a Legal Services Commissioner complaint. I got a chance to meet some of the lawyers I most admire, met some impressive new people including the Law Institute’s in-house Ethics Manager, Donna Adams, caught up with some old friends, and generally enjoyed myself.

To all those solicitors reading my blog for the first time, a warm welcome. I realised that I forgot to answer one part of a multi-part question, and so will do so now. It was how to find quality blogs. In terms of blogs about the bit of the law this blog is interested in, have a look at the ‘blogroll’ by scrolling down to near the bottom of the right hand column of this blog’s homepage. See also this post and this one and this one on this blog. Each of the blogs referred to will have its own ‘blogroll’ or something similar, and that is the best way of exploring blogs. There is also a search engine devoted to blogs: blogsearch.google.com.

To my other readers, a word of explanation about the password protected post. I have not decided what to do with the 10,000-or-so-word behemoth. Because I finished the paper a few minutes before I needed to hop in a cab to get to Footscray to talk about it, I published it on the blog and gave the attendees the password.  If you did not attend, you do not know the password; there is no password which email subscribers have forgotten and no password associated with the blog in general.  If I do unpassword it, I will only do so after refining it a bit and fixing the errors of expression which no doubt remain to be edited. If you are presently the subject of a conduct complaint and are desperate to read the paper, contact me by email.

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