‘Aggravated homosexuality’ to be punishable by death

Here is a link to Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009. It is proposed that:

  • men who have sex with other men ‘serially’ are to ‘suffer death’;
  • it would be a crime to rent a house to a gay;
  • a woman who touches another woman with a view to seducing her will suffer life imprisonment; and
  • speech in favour of homosexuality will attract a sentence of imprisonment for seven years.

There are obviously some seriously sick puppies at work in the Ugandan government.  Mind you, it seems as though it’s principally the brainchild of a born again Christian MP. It’s a pity, because Uganda was once a pretty cool African nation, before and after Idi Amin.   Now it’s the kind of place where torture is widespread, opposition leaders get arrested, their show trials get stormed by heavily armed government thugs, and 20,000 children have been abducted to work as child soldiers and slaves, forcing many of the rest in the North to leave their villages every evening to sleep in the forest, churches or schools — the ‘night commuters‘ fleeing the Lord’s Resistance Army.  More information  on the bill here.

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