For sale: evidence texts

I want to sell this text, the current edition published in 2009, for $100 including postage within Australia, or $95 picked up from my chambers.  It sells at the Law Institute Library for $130.50.  I bought this one and then they put out a Victorian edition the purchase of which I hope to fund by the sale of this pan-Australian edition.  Nevertheless, this red and black edition contains commentary on Victoria’s Evidence Act, 2008.

Also for sale:

Andrew Palmer, Proof and the Preparation of Trials (a brilliant book).  I plan to put the proceeds of the sale of this first edition, which sells at the Law Institute Library for $78 towards the purchase of the second.  The publisher’s spiel about the second edition, which is much like the first, is here.


Jeremy Gans and Andrew Palmer, Australian Principles of Evidence, undoubtedly the best starting point for the study of the law of evidence in Australia, for anyone wanting a broader perspective than only the uniform evidence law.

Whoever offers the most within the next 7 days can have the Palmer books, or either of them, so long as the offer is more than my secret reserve.

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