18 good places to stay in Bali, none of them in Kuta

I’m off to Bali and Java soon.  An instructress too and as I gathered together for her some good places to stay in Bali today, I thought to share them with you; my other post about Bali is lost in the increasingly large archives.  Brush up on the Schapelle Corby saga before you go to improve discussions with taxi drivers.

 South Coast Desa Seni (Canggu: the far western extremity of the Kuta connurbation) Hotel Tugu (Canggu) Tandjung Sari (Sanur, not quite part of the Kuta connurbation) This cliff-top home in Bingin on the Bukit Peninsula (surfing territory) Mu Bali in the same region.

East Coast Seraya Shores

North Coast Taman Selini (Permuteran) Cilik’s Beach Garden (Yeh Sanih)

In the middle Taman Bebek (in Sayan, bordering Ubud) Murni’s House (central Ubud) The Tjampuhan (central Ubud) Bambu Indah (outer Ubud) Bali Eco Stay (Mt Batakaru) Bali Eco Lodge (Mt Batakaru) This Ubud home on Airbnb or this one, nearby. Or this one, or any of the same owner’s properties. This homestay ($55 per night) near Ubud.    

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