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I wrote a paper on the reception of a causation presumption employed in American securities class actions, the fraud on the market doctrine.  Since no shareholder class action has gone to judgment in Australia, how the difficult issues associated with causation in these kinds of cases will be treated remains to be worked out.  In contrast to the dearth of authority, there is a surfeit of academic speculation.  There are a number of useful resources which are either recent or may not be well known in Australia:

  • A collection of conference papers published as K E Lindgren (ed) Investor Class Actions (2009) see this page;
  • (2009) 32(3) University of New South Wales Law Journal which contains 12 articles on class actions, including several entirely or partly devoted to causation questions;
  • Nera Economic Consulting’s website, with numerous reports on the state of securities class actions in America.
  • Stanford Securities Class Action Clearing House, which aggregates writing on the subject.
  • Professor Morabito’s first two reports on Australian class actions: one, two.
  • The D&O Diary blog.
  • And The 10b-5 Daily blog.

The full bibliography for my paper is reproduced below.

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